Friday, February 22, 2008

Missed It by THAT Much

Heartbreak this week at trivia, as we were only one point out of first at halftime and going into the final question, but our guess on the final was just outside the acceptable range. The new trivia crew still hasn't made it to an decent level of difficulty; we missed just four questions total. And while, as mentioned, we were just a point out of first place after the first half, we were tied with nine(!) teams, and three teams were ahead of us. You, the blog-reading public, couldn't care less about whether or not my team wins week in and week out, but easy trivia means fewer questions for you, so I feel like our loss is your loss. Try and keep a brave face as you ponder our misses.

1) In what month did Abraham Lincoln write the Gettysburg Address?
2) Which was the last of the Confederate States of America to re-join the Union following the Civil War?
3) Name the three largest cities in South Carolina by population. (Remember that we live in South Carolina, so this isn't considered an impossible question here.)
4) Within five, how many episodes of Friends were aired?


bill said...

1. April
2. North Carolina
3. Charleston, Greenville, Clemson
4. 270

J. Bowman said...

1. November
2. Georgia
3. Columbia, Charleston, and... North Charleston. This can be verified on the State's website. Greenville is fourth. Clemson is third, but only six Saturdays a year.
4. 236. We guessed 242.