Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Previously on My So-Called Life...

Blogger archives this stuff, so here, for posterity, is the story of how this page came to be:
There's this site that I visit pretty frequently. One day, one of the posters asked where all of their readers came from. It was a popular post. Then, said poster went and visited everyone's listed homepage. Mine, sadly, linked to my page at the Clemson math department, which is updated by the department, and, at the time, included little more than my name and the fact that I was in the PhD program. I took the publication of this as a challenge, a dare if you will, to provide some content, any content, to the world at large. I chose the name because I had spent the weekend watching "The Critic" on DVD. Also, my first choice (which twelve hours later, I can't remember) was taken.
And now you're caught up.


Leo (3under5) said...

Well, it looks like I might get to post the first real comment to say... welcome. I quite enjoy reading your comments over at ALOTT5MA, and am excited I might actually get to follow someone's blog from its inception, having arrived late to the blogging party myself.

Adam said...

I do miss The Critic. Watched it on Comedy Central reruns pretty often.

Welcome aboard the blog train.