Friday, February 1, 2008

Endut! Hoch Hech!

Last night was Cartoon Trivia. Unsurprisingly, we didn't miss many questions. Then again, nobody missed many questions; we finished fourth, based on the fact that we could only get three of the nine possible "halftime" points. The questions were a bit disappointing, actually - theme nights usually stink because the subject matter is so narrow that it forces the questions to be overly specific, but in this case, the narrowness seemed self-inflicted. All but three of the questions were about half-hour shows that began sometime in the 80s, and two of those were about Scooby-Doo.
In keeping with the trend of the last few weeks, then, I present gussied-up questions. The first one is the halftime question, the second is the final (but harder), the third is the only difficult question they asked all night, the rest are mine.

1. Name the six alter egos of Doug (Doug Funny is his name, not an alter ego).
2. Give the names (first AND last) of the members of Mystery, Inc. You need not include Scrappy.
3. Who is Olive Oyl's brother?
4. Name the first female Autobot.
5. In which decade did Walt Disney's first feature-length animated movie premiere?
6. In what year does the bulk of the anime movie Akira take place?


bill said...

1. Never heard of Doug.
2. They had last names? On a more positive note, even the 6-year old finds scrappy annoying.
3. She had a brother?
4. Never heard of an Autobot.
5. 1937
6. Clueless.

Leo said...

Seriously, besides Scooby, I had no idea they even had last names. Wow.

bill said...

My long-standing theory is that the Scooby gang were really undercover cops. Disguised as counterculture kids, they infiltrate the local underground community and next thing you know a bunch of people are being arrested.

J. Bowman said...

1. Quailman, Race Canyon, the Chameleon, Durango Doug, Jack Bandit, and Secret Agent 000 Smash Adams. We (by which I mean someone else on my team) knew Quailman, and that's it.
2. Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, and Scooby-Doo.
3. She does indeed have a brother, and his name is Castor Oyl.
4. Elita One, the romantic interest of Optimus Prime.
5. The '30s (Snow White was released in, yes, 1937).
6. 2019, before New Tokyo is to host the 2020 Olympics.

Leo said...

I am shocked and amazed that Shaggy's name wasn't shaggy. How would you ever know that? Was that actually in a cartoon at some point.

I am willing to go along with bill's theory, especially if Shaggy's name was actually Norville.

J. Bowman said...

I'm pretty sure it was in the movie, but I seem to remember already knowing that his first name was Norville. I think the names come up in a lot of the earlier cartoons, where a number of episodes feature relatives of the characters (I had long known, for instance, that Velma's last name was Dinkley).

Sigmund said...

Didn't read your post. Haven't read anything on your blog. Just a thx for you getting a high rating on Google so I now know how to write and spell 'Endut! Hoch Hech!' ;-)
[just a wierd Swede]

Anonymous said...

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