Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frailty, thy name is plot

WARNING: Minor Glee spoilers ahead.

Here we go again. Much like "Road to Sectionals," this show has set a timeline, and then ignored it in an attempt to cram as many songs as possible into each episode. The show is funny (though less so than it was early in the season), and it usually hits the right notes, but did anyone in charge of this show actually go to high school? You don't get to show up at your convenience (actually, given the behavior of my students, perhaps you do, now). It takes place within the confines of a five-day week. Every time you have a scene with people milling about in the hallways, that's a school day. Every time you change everyone's outfit, that's a school day.  Every time you have five of them, that's two days of weekend you've also used up. It doesn't bother me that we never see these kids doing anything that would indicate that they have classes besides Glee Club, but it bothers me that they live in an Ohio that's always warm and sunny and has a 400-day year.

Anyway, this episode's timeline:

Day one: The assignment for the week.

Day two: "Funny Girl." This isn't day one, because everyone, as usual, is wearing different outfits.

Day Three: "Bad Romance." Per Mercedes, the scene at Carmel High took place the day before. "Shout It Out Loud" takes place the same day.

Day Four: Burt Hummel Is Awesome. Kurt skipped school to decorate the room, so it isn't day three.

Day Five: "Beth." We can assume that "Poker Face" occurs the same day. By the way, Rachel was born in the middle of the first season of Friends.

Day Six: The confrontation in the hallway. To think this was day five, we'd have to assume that a) Shelby came over to McKinley in the middle of the school day and b) Rachel changed outfits in the middle of the day, then changed back into her Gaga outfit. Nope.

This is six school days we've seen, so we could be at March 25... BUT, during day six, Artie states that it's the end of the week. So it's Friday, March 26. Next week, Regionals!

...Right? It has to be. They're next week. Actually, so is McKinley's spring break, but I can't imagine anyone has paid attention to that.

Two notes:

1. Jesse is gone again. No one even makes note of this, much less attempts to explain it.

2. Are we going to see the Cheerios at Nationals? That should have been this week, but Mercedes and Brittany were never absent.

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