Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zoot Suit Riotous

WARNING: Minor Glee spoliers ahead. If you haven't watched this week's episode, you may want to come back tomorrow.

It's rehearsal time at McKinley, and we acknowledge the fact that we've had Sue as co-director for a week, but now that's over, and we're back on track for Sectionals. Apparently, Sectionals have been postponed, because they should have been this past weekend. Remember that, writers? When you said that Sectionals were "in two weeks," and then you packed two weeks' worth of "show" time into the next two episodes?

That doesn't matter, though, because now there's trouble brewing at football practice. Coach Tanaka has his knickers in a twist, and has declared that the team must practice this Thursday, when the glee club normally rehearses. The issue of why the team is still practicing at all, given that the football season ended three weeks ago, is not brought up. Remember that, writers? When you said the football team was 0-6, and then ran through two months without showing any more football? High school teams don't play into December. We will note that the students are beginning to wear cold-weather clothing.

Anyway, back to the stated premise of these posts. Let's assume that the original rehearsal is on the Monday following last week's episode (so, November 16). The Thursday practice happens. Let's further assume that the Rachel-Puck scene occurs at the end of that particular practice (even though that means Rachel changed outfits post-rehearsal), which will allow Finn to return to glee club on Friday. This packs a heck of a lot of subplot into one week, but as usual, we are generous here at the Preschool. The date is Friday, November 20. We've missed Halloween, and are getting ready for Thanksgiving break.

And that's what you've missed on Glee. It sounds like there will be a few weeks without new episodes, which might allow real time to catch up with show time. Sectionals, no doubt, will be postponed without explanation again. See you in a month.


bill said...

The most annoying part of the shifting Sectionals date is that they still haven't nailed down a playlist. So I guess it's final playlist on a Wednesday, learn the songs Thursday, win Sectionals Saturday.

And a high school teacher singing "A chick walks by you wish you could sex her" to a high school student -- even a pretend teacher/student -- is beyond creepy.

Rachel's skirts -- are those lengths, or lack thereof, really legal in today's high schools?

J. Bowman said...

Public schools in the Midwest are surprisingly permissive when it comes to wardrobe - as long as the principal doesn't think you're wearing gang colors, you're fine.
You are the second person today I have heard describe Will's performance as "creepy."

As for the songs, I guess it's just a matter of where you're willing to suspend disbelief - I'm okay believing that this is basically High School Musical, where someone starts singing and everyone already knows all the lyrics and can improvise a dance routine; I am not okay with casual treatment of the space-time continuum.

bill said...

Episode 13 is sectionals. Does the space-time continuum require a wormhole?

J. Bowman said...

Something else that occurred to me - given the choice between glee and football, there's no question which Kurt would have chosen, but he is, presumably, still on the team. Shouldn't there at least be some lip service paid to that?