Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eight Days a Week?

WARNING: Minor Glee spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen this week's episode, you may want to stop reading now. Of course, if you have normal human eyeballs, it's probably already too late. Sorry.

So... was "Keep Holding On" the sectionals song?

As you'll recall, last week's episode began with sectionals two weeks away, and ended a week (plus a few days) later. So, presumably, sectionals will be the next weekend.

This week, we begin with Sue and Schu fighting like Mom and Dad on payday, and then there's a flashback. A lot happens: Sue splits up the Glee Club, there's practices for a singing competition, Will flunks all the Cheerios (except for Quinn and Santana and Brittany, apparently), we find out that Puck is one of the Chosen People (shalom!), there's a big fight in Principal Figgins' office.

We could try to figure out dates for all of these. For example, assuming the previous episode ended on Thursday, the original meeting with Figgins has to be, at the very earliest, Monday - surely, he's not trying to "take the temperature" after a single practice? Fortunately, trying to figure out how all of these events shoehorn into a few days is totally unnecessary, thanks (as usual) to the B-plot - Terri's increasingly absurd fake pregnancy. Without going into any additional commentary on the ideas, writing, and character development surrounding this donnybrook, I'll just point out that the ultrasound appointment takes place (per Will) on Friday, just after the big shouting match with Sue. Assuming everything else did take place in the course of a single week (and, since there is no mention of sectionals, we have to assume that), we have a date for these events - it's Friday, November 13.

And this is where the show (finally) begins to lose date continuity. Will comes into Sue's office, and they apologize, and talk about the set list. We still haven't seen sectionals, so this scene takes place... when? Saturday morning? The sectionals were, per previous exposition, scheduled for this particular weekend. The gang sings us out, but it's unclear if this is the competition, or a practice, or a daydream. So, Will and Sue either make up Saturday, before sectionals, or Monday after sectionals which we didn't see (given the competition, plausible), or sectionals got postponed and no one told us, or most of the McKinley students and faculty own time-turners.

And that's what you missed on Glee. Tune in next week for football three weeks after the end of football season, and perhaps Halloween decorations just in time for Thanksgiving.

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J. Bowman said...

Another chronological puzzler:
Will talked about going for the "ten-week" ultrasound. Ten weeks from what? Terri has been pretending to be pregnant for almost ten weeks. Did he mean there's one every ten weeks? Perhaps the moms out there can help me out with this?