Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Guess Someone Had To Plug Marci X

Finally, a trivia night I don't have to post in two parts!
As predicted, the questions were easier than they had been for the last several weeks. So easy, in fact, that we were solidly in first place going into the final question. Sadly, however, we didn't know it, and lots of other teams did. Like I've watched SNL in the last 15 years.

1. How many Grammy Awards has Pink Floyd won?
2. In the 1989 film The Little Mermaid, what is Scuttle's name for a fork?
3. If you get a tattoo today, how long does the FDA suggest you wait before giving blood?
4. What condiment was a popular treatment for diarrhea in the 1800s?
5. What material nets recyclers the most money?
6. How many eggs is the average human female born with - 5,000; 50,000; or 500,000?
7. Which two French cities are connected by the world's fastest passenger train?
Et, finalement:
8. As of today, five of the six main cast members of Friends have hosted Saturday Night Live. Which member has not?


Shuttsie said...

8. David Schimmer. I will be guessing him to all Friends questions, until I get one right :)

leo said...

1. 0?
2. dinglehopper

J. Bowman said...

1. One (we figured zero, too. They ask these things all the time - "How many Best Director Oscars did Hitchcock win?")
2. Dinglehopper (we said snarfblatt)
3. One year - we were apparently the only team in the place that didn't know this
4. Ketchup
5. Aluminum
6. 500,000. Really. We tried to do the math based on ovulation (every 28 days for 40 years or so is still only 5-600). It's a good thing we're not doctors.
7. Paris and Lyon
8. Matt LeBlanc. He didn't host to plug Joey? Or Lost in Space? Or that baseball movie with the chimp? And when the hell did Schwimmer host, anyway?