Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Your First Lesson: Where To Get a Nice Pretzel

So here I am. Now that everyone but me was named Time's person of the year, I'm joining the blogosphere.
If you're coming here, it's either randomly, or from over at ALOTT5MA. I'm working on the profile; it might give a better indication of who I am, at least when I'm posting here.
Anywho, my first responsibility to you, the viewer, is content. So: What do you want to see? Math stuff? My experiences as a graduate student/teacher? More pop culture? My opinions on global warming, perhaps? I do have something planned for Thursday night (or maybe Friday morning, depending on how much I drink), but until then, let's hear some ideas, folks.

1 comment:

Mike Torian said...

I want to hear your opinions on Global warming myself.