Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends

Okay, I do see an opportunity to provide content people want, so, let's talk about last night's episode of Veronica Mars.
We had murder! Suicide! Intrigue! Bloody gloves! Prison tattoos! Logan and Parker! Mac and... uh... that guy! And two consecutive weeks of Wallace!
Beyond all the exclamation points, though, I have issues. Said issues involve local-sherriff-related politics, the foresight of the Coach's killer, and the potential publicity that a wave of mysterious deaths ought to bring. I'll spoil in the comments.


J. Bowman said...

Okay, here goes:
1) Did Coach Dad not see the potential problems with his plan, namely, that there would be a police investigation that might, say, finger his son as a killer?
2) I'm somewhat ignorant of local sherriff-related politics; even though my mother is an elected official, our township doesn't have its own police department. That said, while I get that Keith used to be sherriff, and was runner-up in the last election, is that really enough to just give hime the job?
3) Speaking of deaths, given that the head basketball coach at the local university just died mysteriously, on the heels of the death of the Dean of Students, and now the sherriff has been killed by the late Dean's wife's ex-husband (who may or may not have been killed himself). Do you think Neptune might occasionally make national (or at least regional) news?

Oh, yeah, and what's up with the bug in Landry's phone? That was a plot point for all of 45 seconds.

Jennifer Jaroch said...

Pre-1) I'm coming over from ALOTTFMA and b/c I love me some VM! My extra motivation for posting comments is just b/c I dig the name Finch so much.
1) I have no idea why the Coach Dad did not forsee that. I'm going to blame it on the actor who I just don't think gave us a very good portrayal. I'm very picky when it comes to the smallest of small roles you see.
2) I'm ignorant of this dynamic as well. I just assumed he got the call as an interim favor, maybe until they could call another election? However, if that's not the case, picking him makes sense since he was sheriff; nearly won the last race and redeemed himself of the Jake Kane bidness.
3) Your idea makes sense, but I prefer to think of Neptune as its own little oasis. I also enjoy suspending my disbelief.
The bug: maybe it was brought in to give us an idea that a 3rd party is at work? I'm assuming it will come up more in next week's episode.
I have a question: why is Cyrus' wife always wearing so much makeup and why is she often shot with such harsh blue lighting?

Shuttsie said...

I think the harsh blue light and heavy makeup make every thing extra noir.

On the appointment of Keith, I will say that when the State's Attorney in the county where I formerly worked was made a judge, a new one was appointed by the county board (from outside of the office) to fulfill the term until the next scheduled election.

I am mourning Lamb, but thrilled at the quality of the last two episodes.

Jennifer Jaroch said...

Shuttsie: Just looked at your blog for the first time! :)

I agree about the noir effect, but every time I see her I can't help feeling I'm back in the morgue at Six Feet Under!

I am mourning Lamb (and the actor,) but agree the past few eps have been great. It's a coup for me that I have gotten my husband totally hooked on VM!

J. Bowman said...

I just checked that blog too. So many book recommendations! Perhaps I'll get more use out of my library card.

So it sounds like it's perfectly reasonable that the County Comissioner simply appointed Keith. After all, someone's gotta be in charge, and your other choice is Deputy Pornstache.

As a disclaimer, I'm not really wondering why CNN isn't running stories about Neptune. But I do occasionally wonder what a seemingly abnormal number of premature deaths of well-to-do folk is doing to the property values around there.

Adlai said...

Ok, I'm not entirely caught up on VM [started watching the dvds last month, blew thru S1, am now 2/3 thru S2, and am also watching the current season from the last few episodes on; I'm spoiled re broad plotlines from TWoP but don't have grasp of details]. That being said, I was just watching the ep where VM and Wallace go to Hearst for the weekend when they're still at NHS - and while Veronica is looking at the board in the basement of the frat house, it's mentioned that one of the brothers got many points for sleeping with the dean's wife. Is that something that has already come up again, or might it be significant? [Or, might it be another dean and forgotten altogether?]

J. Bowman said...

To be honest, I only started watching this season, so I don't know so much about that episode. I'll probably catch up over the summer, when I plan on ditching the cable in favor of Netflix or a reasonable facsimile.