Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Also, that two-week-old grilled cheese could not have been tasty

We begin this week with Finn, praying to his newly created Cheesy Savior for a win in their first football game...

... and I'm out.

Last season's timeline was... flexible, but Murphy & Co. could at least plead poetic license for stretching the last two weeks before each competition over five or six episodes. But what school, at any level, has its first football game of the season after a month of classes? This time last year, the team was already 0-6. And while we're on the subject of football, Sam gets leveled by a defensive back who was "cheating right all night," then we come back from commercial to a bit about him being injured by a 23-year-old left tackle on steroids? Left tackle is an offensive position, for Pete's sake. If we're not even going to pretend to get the details right, I'm not going to pretend to watch this as anything other than a 70's-style sitcom in which time does not exist and every episode ends with no permanent changes to anyone's world. It's a shame.

Trivia returns later this week.

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