Monday, December 14, 2009

A son! A son! A son! Hear the joyful celebrations in the street!

The trivia posts have been slowing down lately. The caller has moved to a new location, but hasn't set up trivia night yet, so this may have to hold you until 2010. Don't despair, though, I remain steadfast in my search for good trivia.

  1. What early-'80s rock diva was originally classically trained as an opera singer?
  2. Speaking of rock, and opera, what is Tommy's last name?
  3. In the novel Treasure Island, what is the name of Long John Silver's parrot?
  4. Who was the Girl from U.N.C.L.E.? (the character's name, not the actress)
  5. What was the name of Carrie's high school (in the film)?
  6. What is the only Van Gogh painting sold during the artist's lifetime?
  7. Which NFL team won its first game of the season 17 years in a row, from 1973-1985?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hit your marks, Stay in the light, and do the same thing every time, for continuity

WARNING: Minor Glee spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen this week's episode, consider coming back tomorrow.

When we last saw the gang at McKinley High, it was Wednesday, and Will had just stepped down as director. Sectionals are Saturday, and Saturday, just to remind you, is December 19.

We start with Emma taking over the glee club, and Mercedes showing us she ain't no Kelly Rowland. This might happen Wednesday, or it might be the next day, but that doesn't matter, because the team puts together its set list with just a few days to go, and then we jump to Saturday, and everyone's on the bus! Well, everyone except Mr. Schu, because he can't go, and Finn, because he's quit, and is busy cleaning out his locker, because football season has ended. Football season has ended? Really? The State Finals are Thanksgiving Weekend, and, as I have pointed out several times, McKinley wasn't making the playoffs. Football season has been over for this bunch for six weeks.

Anyway, we're over at Sectionals, and Frances McDormand and Lauren Hutton are rocking out to Jane Adams Academy and Haverhurst (no, seriously, watch it again, they're sitting right in front of the McKinley kids), and the set list has been compromised! That's okay, though, because Finn un-quits again (he's as good at this as Rachel), and the kids put together a song, complete with harmony and choreography, in one hour. This, I will point out, bothered the w quite a bit, but not me. I said this in a comment a while back, but a show like this is all about where you choose to suspend your disbelief. I'm okay with it being High School Musical, and everyone already knows the lyrics to every song and just starts dancing. What I'm not okay with is poor continuity.

And speaking of which, here comes Rachel and her amazing disappearing/reappearing band-aid (it's on her right knee... in about half of the first number)! Lea Michele is fantastic, but I gotta say, she has never looked less like a high school sophomore than in this number. Then we have the one-hour song, and we're off to judging. It's amusing and all, but then the Vice Comptroller mentions that she's only there because her boss got tickets to a NASCAR event at the last minute. And this is where I choose not to suspend my disbelief. It is December. Even if we give the show a couple of weeks of credit by just ignoring things like the football team's record (which gave us our first clue as to an actual date), it's the end of November at the earliest. Here is this year's NASCAR schedule. There isn't a NASCAR event in December. There isn't one remotely close to Ohio in November. On top of that, races are on SUNDAY! I know it's a throwaway line, it's just meant to be funny, but come on, people!

Anyway, the show ends, Emma resigns, her last day is Monday, and on Monday Sue is suspended and the kids sing Will a song and everyone is there despite the fact that it is December 21, and almost every public high school in the country let out for the year on the 18th. Maybe there was a snow day (and the snow completely melted away the next day, because the trees outside are still green), and now they have to make it up.

Anyway, that's what you missed on Glee. Join us in April for the Spring Semester. It had better be the Spring Semester.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Deep Blue Something, or possibly not.

We're a bit behind on trivia because of the holidays, too. We've only been going about every other week, as the popularity at this particular watering hole has slowed down; it's just not that much fun if there are only four teams, even if we do win more often. The trivia caller is, apparently, moving his gig to a new restaurant, so we'll see if that picks things up.

1. What occurred the day before the Passion of the Christ?

2. Which comedian famously stopped aging at 39?

3. Who was the last American man to win the Olympic marathon?

4. More Olympics: who was the only American to win a gold medal during the '68 Winter Games?

5. Who played Hazel?

6. Who sang the score for the film Breakfast at Tiffany's?

This show has 74 flaws as of yesterday...

WARNING: Minor Glee spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen this week's episode yet, you may want to come back tomorrow.

We missed last week's Glee recap because of the holiday, so it's time to pack two episodes into one post. This will work out well, because we absolutely must assume most of these episodes take place in parallel, as we're about to see.

Last week, we met the competition for Sectionals. We don't really know when Will met with their respective choirmasters, but we do know that the rehearsal with the School for the Deaf took place on Monday. That's not the same Monday as the previous episode, so it has to be the next Monday, December 14.

This week, we find out that Sectionals are "a week from Saturday." If it's already after the Monday from last week, that means Sectionals are on St. Stephen's Day, which doesn't seem likely. Therefore, this has to have happened the previous week. That's all very well and good, but the episode still has to end later than last week's episode, because Will is no longer the Glee Club director. It is, at the earliest, December 16 - the "Imagine" rehearsal is Monday, Will sleeps in the office on Tuesday (we need the day on Tuesday to resolve other subplots), Mattressgate hits on Wednesday. Sectionals are now set in stone as December 19, there is no further way around it.

And that's what you missed on Glee. Next week we finally see Sectionals, and figure out how Emma is there and at her wedding at the same time, and perhaps resolve once and for all the fake baby plotline.