Thursday, April 23, 2009

Return of the Son of Trivia Night

Bad questions abound! Bonus points for explaining why they're bad questions.

1. Which Spice Girl was first to have a baby?

2. What famous five-word phrase, spoken in Apollo 13 by Ed Harris, was never actually uttered by Gene Kranz?

3. Which Yankee hurler threw the 15th perfect game in Major League Baseball history?


4. The Sonny Bono Act protects an artist's copyrighted work for how many years after their death?


bill said...

1. baby spice
2. Houston, we have a problem.
3. Don Larsen
4. 28

J. Bowman said...

1. Scary Spice - Mel B's first was born in February 1999, beating Brooklyn Beckham to the world by about three weeks. This was not a bad question.
2. This is a bad question because there were, undoubtedly, many five-word phrases spoken by Ed Harris that were not actually spoken by Gene Kranz. The one they wanted, however, was "Failure is not an option."
"Houston, we have a problem," actually was spoken, but by Jim Lovell.
3. This is a bad question because several Yankee pitchers have thrown perfect games. In particular, David Wells (the correct answer) and David Cone have each thrown perfect games in the past 11 years. Asking which one threw a specific game, without providing a date, is like asking who was Elizabeth Taylor's fourth husband - who keeps track that closely? This comes close to "name one of the two man-made objects that can be seen from space" as the worst question asked at this particular establishment's trivia nights.
4. Seventy years.

Anonymous said...

What IS the second man-made item that can be seen from space?
If Kranz didn't actually say that, why is that the title of his book?

J. Bowman said...

What's the first?
The answers given were the Hoover Dam and the Great Pyramid. But, if the Hoover Dam is visible, so must be the much larger Three Gorges Dam; and the Pyramids can't actually be seen with the naked eye, because they're the same color as the ground. The Great Wall of China was counted as wrong, although photos taken by Chinese astronauts show it. The problem is defining "from space." At low earth orbit, hundreds of man-made structures are visible - dams, large monuments, almost every major airport on the planet. If you're on the moon, nothing man-made can be seen with the naked eye.