Friday, January 30, 2009

Useless Information

Because I have no other way of generating content: Trivia returns!
This may only be for a week: it happened that I was in town on a Thursday, I decided to go, and after two hours of recycled and otherwise easy questions, I'm in no particular mood to go back. The current writing crew is, apparently, completely out of ideas, as there were rounds (plural) of questions that I've heard before. In fact, I'm pretty sure they repeated the final question (ordering Kevin Costner movies). Yes, I've been doing this thing for two-plus years, and you're bound to hear the same question once in a while, but it isn't like it's impossible to come up with a good trivia question, or at least a new one. Anyway, here's my miss, and a couple others I made up.

1. In what country was roulette invented?
2. During the Olympic Parade of Nations, which country almost always enters the venue first? Also, what is the exception to this rule?
3. We all know Johnny Depp's first film was A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Kevin Bacon was in the original Friday the 13th. But name the mega-stars whose early work includes these 80's horror films:
a) Leprechaun
b) Cutting Class
c) Return to Horror High

4. Who was the last member of the Whig party to be elected President of the United States?


bill said...

1. France?

2. I'm guessing the Home country and is exception except when in Greece, because they go last.

3. News to me and I have no guess.

4. Jackson

J. Bowman said...

1. France - I overthought, and decided to guess Monaco.
2. The exception is when Greece is the host, but because Greece always goes first and the host always goes last.
3. a) Jennifer Aniston
b) Brad Pitt
c) George Clooney
4. Millard Fillmore