Monday, December 15, 2008

Fun Fact: There's only one Stephentown on Earth

Okay, so last week really was my last trivia night. Maybe. I'll have to spend some time in Clemson next semester, and the w is convinced I'll be arranging things so that I'm there on Thursday nights. We'll see. For now, savor the misses from last week's victory.

  1. In what southeastern state might you find the towns of Frog Jump, Only, and Sweetlips?
  2. In what southwestern state would you find the town of Ding Dong?
  3. What freshwater mollusk produces red or pink pearls?
  4. Which family of trees includes both the largest and fastest-growing living thing on earth?
  5. What is the more common name of herpes zoster?

1 comment:

J. Bowman said...

1. Tennessee
2. Texas - which is not really "Southwestern," but I don't make up the clues.
3. The mussel
4. Redwoods are members of the Sequoia family.
5. Shingles, though credit was given for chicken pox.