Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summertime, and the Livin's Lazy

We're on Summer Break again at the Preschool, so I'm spacing things out. We didn't go to trivia last week, and probably won't go next week, so this will have to tide you over for a while.

1. What product's advertising first used the catchphrase "Good to the Last Drop," in 1907?
2. Who was the first Playboy centerfold, in 1953?
3. What is the name of Smokey the Bear's mate?
4. What organization's motto is "Blood and Fire?"
5. How many days did the 1968 march from Selma to Montgomery take?
6. Which country is the world's largest producer of soybeans?
7. What breed of dog was Winston Churchill's favorite dog, Rufus?
8. How many grooves are on the edge of a quarter?


bill said...

1. Maxwell House.
2. Marilyn Monroe.
3. Did not know he was cohabitating.
4. Smokejumpers
5. Six
6. United States
7. bulldog
8. 76

J. Bowman said...

1. I am shocked, shocked, to learn that the Thursday Trivia staff has once again asked a question whose answer is ambiguous at best. The answer given was Coca-Cola, which did indeed use the slogan, "Good TIL the Last Drop" in 1908 (not 1907). Maxwell house began using the slogan in 1917, but another story claims Teddy Roosevelt came up with the slogan in 1907. I doubt the veracity of this story, though snopes has no comment.
2. Marilyn Monroe
3. Goldie. I was also surprised to learn there was a Mrs. Smokey.
4. The Salvation Army
5. Five
6. The U.S.
7. Rufus was a poodle.
8. 119 (I have not bothered to verify this)

Mark said...

bill said...

"Rufus was a titman" if you're a Loudon Wainwright III fan.