Thursday, July 10, 2008

Link it up!

Today is Wine Library TV's 499th episode, and host Gary Vay...Ner...Chuk promises that this episode will "rock your face off." Tomorrow will be a "live" (they're taping it live, but it's happening today) broadcast from their 500th episode celebration in San Francisco.
Vaynerchuk's almost-daily podcast discusses wines from around the globe. Most days there's a theme - only 100% Petit Verdot, wines from Oklahoma (go find that one in the archives, it's worth it), even a two-buck-Chuck tasting. He tastes a few wines every show, and gives tasting notes and a score for each wine, but he stresses that these things - the score, in particular - are just his feelings about a wine, and that you need to trust your own palate. That, I think, is the reason for the popularity of the show - Vaynerchuk brings in varietals and regions that most casual wine drinkers have never heard of, and urges you to expand your tasting experience, because there's a lot of good wine out there, at all different price points, and it's a shame to always spend $12 on Yellow Tail just because you already know what it tastes like*.
Anyway, check out today's show, either at the link above, or by grabbing the podcast at the iTunes Store.

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J. Bowman said...

*Not to rip on Yellow Tail, which is decent wine at the price, and didn't become popular accidentally. But, even at that price, there are a lot of wines that you might also like, and you won't know that if you don't explore a little.