Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why I prefer Saturday Trivia

As I have mentioned before, the hard-and-fast rule of Thursday trivia is, "Don't miss your five-point questions." So when we managed to blow a five-pointer on the very first question (mis-counting the number of molars in the human mouth - incidentally, I only have 25 teeth in my mouth, which is somewhat disconcerting), and then missed another five-pointer in the second round, we knew this would not be our night. We were dead last at halftime, made a big comeback in the second half, but would not have placed even if we had gotten the final question right. That's okay, because, as is too often the case, the trivia writers asked an ambiguous question with a difficult-to-verify answer, which a brief Google search would indicate they got wrong.

1. What is the more common name for the chemical compound epinephrine?
2. Which planet takes 84 Earth years to complete its orbit?
3. Which golfer bid a tearful farewell to fans after playing his last U.S. Open in 1994?
4. To whom did Herman Melville dedicate Moby Dick?
5. For which Biblical figure did the Sun and Moon stand still? (sorry if this one is worded badly)
6. Which country is home to the oldest active brewery (which has been running since 1040 A.D.)?
7. What is the average length of an African elephant's trunk?

Good luck.

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J. Bowman said...

1. Adrenaline
2. Uranus. The original question did not include the qualifier "Earth" years, leading us to argue that it was a trick question - every planet, by definition, completes its orbit in one year.
3. Arnold Palmer
4. Nathaniel Hawthorne
5. Joshua
6. Germany. How we talked ourselves out of this one I do not know.
7. The answer given was 8 feet, but according to the Q&A here, the African elephant's trunk tops out around 7 feet (qualifiers about the veracity of information found in USA Today may apply). The original question did not actually specify which kind of elephant, which also adds to the problem, as African elephants tend to be larger than Asiatic elephants.