Friday, April 25, 2008

My mom loves your shows, Shonda!

It's a good 24-hour period for me. We won trivia last night, I'll be receiving a Major University Award this afternoon, and when I snarked on Grey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes snarked right back. Plus, it's the last day of classes, which is always good.
Speaking of the last day of classes, non-trivia content has been light (to say the least), but I expect that to change now that my days are a little more free. In particular, OTH recaps should be back soon.

1. What country produces 2/3 of the world's vanilla?
2. What mollusk shares its name with the first waterproof watch?
3. Which Spaniard won two Masters titles in the 1980's?
4. What nation has the world's second-highest level of gold production, behind South Africa?
5. Which novel contains the longest sentence in literature?


bill said...

no guess

Leo said...

I giggled right out loud when Shonda snarked right back yesterday.

Congrats on your award.

Anonymous said...

I opened, closed my eyes, scrolled. Didn't look.
1. Indonesia
2. The lowly Timex.
3. Seve Ballesteros
4. Canada
5. Ulysses

--bad dad

bill said...

list of historical pie charts on gold production. Answer can change depending on the year being used.

J. Bowman said...

I am shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that this place has asked a trivia question that was inaccurate or which has multiple answers depending on the parameters. I guess they meant 2006. Our answer was wrong no matter what chart we use.

J. Bowman said...

1. Madagascar. I knew this (which is to say, I guessed wildly, but with conviction), but was overruled. Fortunately, I stuck to my guns on the final question.
2. Oyster. Never heard of it.
3. Seve Ballesteros
4. They were looking for the U.S.
5. The answer given was Les Miserables, which contains a sentence that is 823 words long. However, this is also apparently incorrect.