Friday, April 4, 2008

I doubt they actually said "adieu"

When trivia night pays three places, fourth is the most annoying place to be. The new question-writers are still finding their legs as far as difficulty, so it was another night where close to a dozen teams finished with over 70 points (the maximum is 78). The final question, about the number of answers on Jeopardy!, became more difficult when the announcer tried to clarify the difference between an "answer" and a "question." This led to great confusion, but apparently not enough confusion to slip us into the money.

1. Which country bid adieu to the United Kingdom in 1921?
2. How many days can an ant survive underwater?


Anonymous said...

1. Ireland
2. 1?

J. Bowman said...

1. Ireland. We were thrown by the "adieu;" normally, incongruous words in a question are some kind of hint. Not so much this time, unless lots of Irish people speak French and I didn't know about it. Come to think of it, when I lived in France, I did spend a lot of time in an Irish pub.

2. Two days. It's a "guess a number" question, but I suppose you can be pretty sure it's not a very high number, so your odds are good.

Anonymous said...

The "adieu" was tricky but the year was the clue. Your remark about the Irish pub in France reminds of an observation: "There 2 certainties in every city of the world - 1. a Chinese restaurant and 2. an Irish pub!"