Friday, January 25, 2008

Fortunately, they didn't ask for five

Well, I'm a little embarrassed, because I don't have any trivia misses to give you. The reason is... we didn't miss a single question last night. Not one. Not even the final. Obviously, we won. So instead of the misses, I'll give you a few that I can remember, and make up a few more.

1. Which war began the same year that the U.S. government began printing paper money?
2. Name at least four of the seven Noble Gases.
3. What New Orleans dish gets its name from the Bantu word for okra?
4. What was in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari?
5. Who has more 300-strikeout seasons: Pedro Martinez or Roger Clemens?


Anonymous said...

1. Civil War
2. Argon, Neon, Boron, Radon, any more I'd be a moron
3. gumbo(?)
4. Mismatched China
5. Pedro

--bad dad

bill said...

pretty sure #3 is gumbo and that's it for this week.

J. Bowman said...

1. The War of Northern Aggression, as it's known in these parts. We were having trouble deciding between this and the War of 1812. We considered sending in "The Civil War of 1812," figuring we could argue we were correct either way, and the hostess wouldn't know better. We thought better of it.
2. We got Helium, Argon, Neon, and Xenon, couldn't remember Krypton or Radon, and I don't think anyone got Ununoctium.
3. We probably could have guessed gumbo (the Bantu word is "Ngombo"), but I actually read this in last month's issue of Gourmet.
4. A man. Specifically, a somnambulist. Even more specifically, Conrad Veidt.
5. Martinez has 2 300-K seasons. Clemens, somewhat surprisingly, has none.