Thursday, December 6, 2007

We couldn't name the Seattle Seven, either

One of tonight's questions was, "what award is given to the winner of the Notre Dame - USC football game?" (See last week's similar question). Of course, no one on my team attended or cares about either of these schools, so we didn't know. We were prepared to submit something perfectly silly ("Rodney Peete's Appendix," if you cared), until the caller announced that they would be "lax about the spelling." We debated briefly about what could be both difficult to spell and related to football, or Irish, or Trojans, and decided that "The Golden Shillelagh" was a suitably hilarious answer. As you, my trivia-savvy readers, no doubt already know, we were exactly right. The moral of the story is to listen closely to everything the caller says.
We were in first place until the final question, but couldn't answer it. Serves us right for not watching enough TV. Sadly, Pirates vs. Ninjas trivia was postponed, so you get normal questions. Even more sadly, this was the last trivia night this year, so I'm missing my main source of content for a month. Guess I'll have to dredge up some new puzzles.

1. What is the economic term for a system in which a product has many suppliers, but only one buyer, who is then free to set the price (note that this is the opposite of a monopoly)?
2. Name all five members of the Jackson Five. (Without going through the previous trivia posts, I am fairly sure we've missed this before.)
3. Who is Woody Woodpecker's arch-nemesis?


bill said...

best I can do:


J. Bowman said...

1. Monopsony
2. Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon. Randy was not an original member.
3. Buzz Buzzard