Friday, October 12, 2007

This post has no title - the Duke of Cornwall took it

Mother is in town this week, and with her help, we cruised through the first half of trivia. Unfortunately, the halftime question was "list the exact scores of Clemson's first three home football games." Now, I enjoy football, and I do like that I attend a school with a decent football team, but once the game ends, I couldn't care less what the actual score was. Apparently, I am alone in this, because a large number of teams had scores which would indicate they knew the scores of these games. We could have placed if we knew the answer to the final question, but we didn't.

We got #3 right, but I liked the question.

1) Louis Braille invented a system of writing for the blind. Was Louis Braille blind?
2) How many Noble Truths does Buddhism recognize?
3) What is the better-known title of the man who is also Duke of Cornwall?
4) In what year did Mississippi ratify the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which abolishes slavery?


Anonymous said...

No Googling:

1. No. I think he was the president of a blind school.
2. Medicine, Science, Literature & Peace. Buddhism does not recognize the Noble Truth for Economics since that was added late and is actually decided by the Bank of Krishna, and not the Noble Truth committee.
3. Prince Andrew?
4. 1991?

--bad dad

J. Bowman said...

1. Yes. Braille was blinded at a young age when he stabbed himself in the eye with an awl.
2. There actually are Four Noble Truths. Just not those four.
3. Prince of Wales (though Prince Charles, the current Duke of Cornwall, was accepted).
4. 1995. Mississippi originally rejected ratification of the amendment in 1865; once it officially became part of the Constitution, one can imagine how this might have slipped to the bottom of the state's to-do list. Kentucky and the fictional state of Delaware also waited until the 20th century to ratify the amendment.