Sunday, October 28, 2007

Conan The Librarian would not be pleased

Won a tiebreaker to pull out second place at trivia night this week. I might have won, but for the first question coming out of halftime, which asked the first name of retired U.S. General Schwarzkopf. Norman, it turns out, is his middle name, which I probably should have remembered.

1. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, what book is most often stolen from libraries?
2. How many full-length Police Academy films have been made?
3. How many Astronauts have walked on the moon?
4. What Revolutionary War general was known as the "Swamp Fox?"
5. How many contestants begin each season of Survivor?
6. What category is classified by the numbers 900-999 in the Dewey Decimal System?

edited to add: Oh yeah, and:
7. What's Schwarzkopf's first name?


Leo said...

6. I didn't google, but I am in the library, and, interestingly there is a Dewey decimal poster hanging above this computer that says it's History and Geography.

7. Norman. That Schwarzkopf? That seems too easy. You would know that. Does he have a different name. Is his name not actually Norman?

bill said...

Leo: Norman, it turns out, is his middle name, which I probably should have remembered.

bill said...

1. Bible
2. ?? 7
3. ?? 12
4. Either the last or first name is Marion and he was from South Carolina
5. ?? 20
6. read Leo's answer
7. ?? Jane

Leo said...

I forgot. His first name, of course, is Stormin'.

Laney said...

4. Francis Marion. You can't pass SC history without learning about the Swamp Fox.
3. None, right? Kidding. Although that flag is suspiciously waving in the nonexistent breeze...

J. Bowman said...

1. I also said the Bible, but the answer, ironically enough, is the Guinness Book of World Records. I think they're making that up.
2. Seven, the last of which was the direct-to-video Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow.
3. Twelve. Claiming the moon landings were staged did not make "zero" an acceptable answer. Yes, I checked.
4. Francis Marion, and I'm embarrassed not to know that. Interestingly, one of the places the f and I looked at for our reception had a "Francis Marion room."
5. Sixteen
6. History and Geography
7. H. Norman Schwarzkopf's first name is... H. That's right, it doesn't stand for anything. One might argue, then, whether that is his first "name," but one would still not get the points. Yes, I checked.