Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Does Not Sleep. He Waits.

Trivia this week got off to a great start. Of course, when the category for the first question is "States that rhyme with Borida," most of the teams probably started well, but I was on fire. I missed two questions in the first half, and even nailed the halftime questions, which were based on Chuck Norris Facts (the chief export of Chuck Norris? Pain). I had a huge lead coming out of the half, but then disaster struck. I missed the entire fourth round, failed to properly manage my points in the last round, and wound up fifth.
Trivia night at this restaurant has always tended towards 80s pop culture, but it's gotten a bit silly lately, with multiple questions each week devoted to Saturday morning cartoons and the original TGIF lineup. The misses:

1. What was did the U.S. pay for the Louisiana Purchase in 1803?
2. Where did the Gummi Bears live?
3. On Saved By the Bell, what was Screech's girlfriend's name?
4. What was the original title of Saved By the Bell?
5. What newspaper does Carrie Bradshaw write for on Sex And the City?
6. What Atlantic pirate was known as "The Gentleman Pirate?"


Anonymous said...

1. 15 million dollars
3. violet (played by Tori Spelling)
4. Good Morning Miss Bliss (played by the former star of the Parent Trap)
5. The New York Star

love the Saved by the Bell trivia!

J. Bowman said...

1. $15 million
2. Gummi Glen
3. Violet
4. Good Morning, Miss Bliss; while I do remember Miss Bliss, I don't recall this ever having been the title of the show.
5. The New York Star
6. Stede Bonnet. If you hurry, you can still catch the claim on his Wikipedia page that he drove a pink Ferrari and had blue hair.