Saturday, September 29, 2007

I blame Eileen Brennan

This week was a little too easy, apparently. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy for me, but after I missed two questions in the first round, I was out of the running for first; the winning team missed a total of one point. A miss at halftime cost me any shot at a prize. Considering the halftime questions were about Halo 3, and I've never owned, played, or seen anyone play any of the Halo series, the fact that I got any of them right is a coup.

1. In what state does the movie Beetlejuice take place?
2. In quidditch, what is the ball used for scoring called?
3. What was Chuck Norris's given first name at birth?
4. What original Halo weapon makes a comeback in Halo 3?
5. How many books by L. Frank Baum comprise the "Wizard of Oz" series?
6. Who was the last act at the original Woodstock music festival?
7. Name the six suspects in the original Clue boardgame.


Anonymous said...

No Googling:

1. Vermont?
2. Golden Sneetch
3. Trick question. Chuck Norris was not born, he emerged fully formed from Zeus's skull along with his sister Athena.
4. The Squirt Gun of Mockery
5. 12 or so. I actually had the set as a kid.
6. Sha-na-na?
7. Colonel Mustard, Mister Green, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, and, ummm, Verbal Kint?

--bad dad

Shuttsie said...

Mrs. Peacock is the last clue character.

Leo said...

bad dad made me choke on my coffee. Verbal Kint. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

A little Google:

5. 14 books, though the series was continued by other writers for a total of forty books

6. Jimi Hendrix. Shanana was second to last.

bad dad

J. Bowman said...

1. Connecticut
2. The quaffle
3. Carlos. I think I'll be reading every Norris biography I can get my hands on before this week's trivia night.
4. The assault rifle
5. There were 14 books by Baum, though the source I came across only counted 15 total books. One of my friends said he knew this because he'd run across a story saying "Warner Bros. wants to make all 15 oz books into movies." He read it to find out how they determined a book was 15 oz.
6. Sha-na-na were the kings of Woodstock. Deep in your heart, you know it's true. However, Jimi was the last act.
I was confused by this, because I knew Jimi had played "The Star-Spangled Banner" sometime around sunrise on the last day. As it turns out, that's because the bands had been playing all night.
7. Mr. Green, Col. Mustard, Prof. Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White. I couldn't remember Peacock, either.