Friday, August 24, 2007

Worship The Comic

Tomorrow is the tenth birthday of my favorite webcomic, Sluggy Freelance. The sci-fi strip is in the middle of an odd "dimensional portals gone awry" side-story, but it's really at its best during its frequent parodies - everything from Star Trek (obviously) to The Blair Witch Project to the brilliant Harry Potter sendups (their use of the time-turner in the Prisoner from Azkaban parody makes me wonder why Harry and Hermione didn't do the same thing).
If you start reading the archives rightnowthisminute, and forgo eating and sleeping, you might be caught up in time for tomorrow's anniversary. But it's not necessary to have read every comic to join in the fun. Happy Birthday, Sluggy!

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anne57 said...

But are you thankful for your right to shoot all telemarketers on site? Or at least thankful you haven't been caught yet?