Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What Not To Do

A few things I did today that perhaps I should have re-thought:

  1. Driving to campus on the first day of classes is a bad idea. Driving to campus at 10:30 any day of classes is a bad idea. Doing both contributes heavily to global warming. Did I say a while back that I wasn't going to complain about not getting employee parking?
  2. After telling the students that I wasn't going to discuss personal course policy (because, thanks to a departmental oddity, many of them will be in someone else's class come Monday), I proceeded to spend ten minutes doing so anyway. This made today's class take twenty-five minutes instead of just fifteen.
  3. Even though today's class was just going over administrative stuff (they have a skills test tomorrow, so there's no material to cover), I under-prepared, and stammered my way through said administrivia.
  4. Never go shopping the first day of class; the stores are out of everything, because all the new roommates go out shopping together, and even though they all drink the same kind of milk, they all feel the need to purchase their own half-gallon. Communism can work on a small scale, kids.

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