Thursday, August 2, 2007

He's running, vote for him!

Before I get to tonight's trivia questions, I'd like to take a moment to ask you to head to G4's Ninja Warrior page on Friday, and vote for Brett Sims in their "American Ninja Challenge." For those not familiar with this particular bit of awesome, Ninja Warrior is a Japanese game show in which contestants run a series of obstacle courses. Each "season" starts with 100 contestants, about half of whom are comedians, local celebrities, or novelty acts, and half of whom are are actually serious competitors. Usually, around 10 people finish the first course, and maybe four or five finish the second course. Occasionally, someone finishes the third course, which is brutal; there's no time limit, but it mostly involves supporting your entire body weight with your forearms for three or four minutes. Finishing the final stage earns you the title of "Ninja Warrior," which I'm guessing is sort of like being a Knight of the Realm; it gets you past the lines at all the tourist-y spots.
Anyway, Brett is one of the ten finalists in the "American Ninja Challenge," and if he wins, he'll go to Japan to compete on the next season of Ninja Warrior. I imagine they'll have his entry video on the page; it is also available here. Vote early, vote often (if you're allowed to, that is)!

Update: As of 4:30 P.M., G4 is still encouraging us to "check back on Friday, August 3." I'm still fairly certain that is today, so do keep checking. Perhaps the voting will begin at 6:00, when the first episode of the evening airs.

Update to the update: Voting is open! As this is America, you must first register to vote, which is apparently how G4 intends to lessen the effect of "voting often." You have until August 12 to vote.

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