Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sadly, there were no questions about Zork

I'm on vacation, so I'm a little behind on posting. It seems a lot of teams had a bad week; there was a lot of booing at answers, even more booing when we were told "we're also accepting [other answer]," and a somewhat acrimonious dispute over the actual dimensions of a two-by-four. I think I'm not a fan of league play so far, and it's not just because we've picked a bad time to go into a slump.
Lots of misses this week:

1. Which city in Missouri do you depart from in the classic computer game "Oregon Trail?"
2. In the game "Number Munchers," what are the names of the cannibalistic monsters who try to eat your character?
3. Where is the nine-foot statue which commemorates Balto and his Alaskan journey?
4. What is a female cat called?
5. What was the hourly rate of the first federally-mandated minimum wage, set in 1938?
6. How many mainland civilian casualties did the U.S. suffer in WWII?
7. What is the color of mourning in China?
8. Before the invention of jets or air travel, what was jet lag called?
9. The word "testify" is based upon men in Roman courts swearing to a statement as true upon... what?


Shuttsie said...

1. Jefferson City
7. Yellow

Shuttsie said...

hey, what about the color of mourning question?

J. Bowman said...

Dang it. Take two:

1. Independence
2. Troggles
3. Central Park (yes, the one in Manhattan)
4. a queen
5. Twenty-five cents
6. Six (a balloon bomb fell on a car in Oregon, killing the family inside)
7. White
8. Boat lag. Seriously, how could you travel far enough fast enough for this to be a problem?
9. Their testicles. We figured this was too obvious, it had to be a trick.