Friday, June 15, 2007

Someone should call those penguins, and tell them enough with the movies already

League play really, really starts next week, honest this time. Apparently, "trivia league" just means the status quo, but for a nominal fee, our scores for the next eight weeks will be totalled, plus bonus points for participation and purchases (they are in the restaurant business, after all), and the winners will receive an additional prize. It's worth it for those of us who go every single week, although I don't know what we'll do once the other half of my team moves.
Things looked bad this week when we blew our 5-pointer in the first round, and then missed the 3-pointer in the second round, but we recovered to nail the halftime category (which was not Six Degrees this week), only missed one question in the second half, and took home the victory when it turned out no one in the restaurant was all that religious. Our misses:

1. What is Wolverine's birth name (first and last)?
2. How long is the longest losing streak in NCAA football history? (hint: it belongs to Prairie View A&M)
3. What is the International Calling Code for Antarctica?
4. In what year was the first postage stamp introduced? (get within ten)
5. In what year was cigarette advertising on television officially banned?
6. Most people know the seven deadly sins, but what are the seven virtues?


J. Bowman said...

1. James Howlett
2. 80 consecutive losses between November 1989 and October 1998.
3. 672
4. 1840, in Great Britain.
5. 1971 in the U.S., which probably should have been specified in the question.
6. Prudence, Temperance, Courage, Justice, Faith, Hope, and Charity.

anne57 said...

It seems answering number 6 requires knowing who is defining the 7 virtues, because the Catholic church has a different list: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Forgiveness, Kindness, and Humility. The Cardinal and Theological Virtues however are: Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Faith, Hope, and Love. The answer you have looks like an odd combination of these two.