Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pounding Down The Pavement

Day Two: 2 miles, about sixteen minutes, felt great. Great, that is, except for the pain: the burning in my upper chest because my lungs aren't used to this effort, the stiffness in my quadriceps because my legs aren't used to this particular motion, the headache I've gotten both days in the middle of the run, and whatever it is I did to my knee when I stood up earlier. It will go away, but I sure don't miss this stuff. On the plus side, walking the dog immediately afterwards does loosen things up a bit.
I will not be deterred, however. Back in college, I developed severe patellar tendonitis in both knees, which made it hard to straighten my legs. It didn't actually hurt to run, but stopping was excruciating. The official treatment was two ibuprofen with every meal, plus ultrasound before practice and ice afterwards. The unofficial treatment was 6-8 more ibuprofen a few hours after dinner, washed down with two beers. These days, if I'm a little sore after exercising, my motivation to not stop is that this pain is nothing, comparatively. Sort of like banging one's head against a wall, because it feels good to stop, eh?
Lest this blog just turn into "my running journal," I'll be moving the updates to the sidebar. Ooh, content!


Leo said...

Glad to see you're still going. I'm pretty sure that my blog will become my running journal. Since I can think of nothing else except the pain. Move it to the sidebar how? I like that idea. I might steal it.

Since you are a runner (once a runner always a runner, you don't fool me, Mr. Track Coach) - tell me how to transition to outside. The treadmill is going okay, but I'm afrad outside will not...

J. Bowman said...

I can just customize my template to put a list on the side. See? It's done! You have a fancy page designed by someone else, so you might have a harder time.