Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vincent Van Lowe for Springfield Sanitation Commissioner

Okay, I've finished watching the end of VM, and for starters, the CW's streaming software... needs work. It took two hours to watch 45 minutes over a T1 connection, and there needs to be a better fix than "try waiting half an hour, because demand must be just so high." Crikey.
On to the show itself, and I have to give Rob Thomas & Co. credit for not slapping together a tidy, oops-we-though-we-had-another-season, wrap-everything-up ending (I'm looking in your direction, Deadwood). There are a lot of open questions that we're not likely to see wrapped up - How much trouble is Veronica in with "The Castle" in general, and Jake Kane and Clarence Weidman in particular? Whose lame idea was it to call Hearst's secret fraternity "The Castle?" Are we about to see a de-jerkifying of Dick? Will Veronica forgive Logan's latest transgression the next day, or will she need a whole week to cool off? And who wins the election? Okay, we probably know the answer to that one, but how long until Vinnie is caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is removed from office, giving Keith the Acting Sheriff job AGAIN?
On the whole, the episode was satisfying, although I did have two big questions, of the "you'll never get away with this" variety:
1) How is Weevil planning to keep the Magnetron or whatever it is a secret? The kids confessed, so they have nothing to lose by reporting that the third box isn't where they hid it, and Veronica's going to have a pretty good idea what happened to it.
2) How does Veronica think she'll keep a video which is currently being emailed to every male college student in America a secret from Keith? I'm surprised he hadn't already seen it by the end of the episode.
Speaking of which: If, as Wallace suspected, they were actually surveiling him, it would seem a bad idea for a society supposedly as secret as The Castle to essentially advertise that fact by distributing the video. But then, college boys don't always use their heads (the ones attached to their necks, anyway). Of greater concern to me was the fact that Wallace was such a sought-after member, given his near-expulsion for cheating during the fall semester.
As I said earlier, that "2400" kid did not look like a college freshman. But then, neither does Kristen Bell; she hasn't all year. What happened? She looked like a high schooler last year.
Anyway, that's the end of the show, unless something very strange happens. Hey, if Seventh Heaven can inexplicably get an extra season after its supposed series finale, why not VM?

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Shuttsie said...

I for one really liked the open endings. The last epsiode's tie in with the Kanes was great and it was great to see Mac in action. Also Veronica's actions finally catching up the Mars clan was a great plot point. A follow up to your comment about the card machine- since you need all these special skills to use it, what's Weevil going to do with it anyway, sell it on Ebay? The stuff with Dick was too rushed, probably should have done that earlier in season.