Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Twelve Glorious Pay-free Weeks

So much for getting back to a regular schedule. Perhaps now that I can be in my own house again, things will be normal. I don't count on it.
This week's VM seems to exist mainly to tell us what everybody will be doing with their summer vacation. There are some interesting side stories, though; in particular, the sudden revelation that Vinnie Van Lowe might be something less than "an asset to the community" leads to what will certainly be an exciting season finale. Whoops, make that series finale. Sadly, One Tree Hill will be back, despite the fact that the main characters are all graduating. Please tell me they're not all going to Tree Hill Community College.

Edited to add: Omigosh, I almost forgot the strangest part of the show: the "Cover Girl for a Day" bits that were airing during the commercials. Very odd. And the hostess... where to begin? The outfit, the accessories, the mannerisms... no. Just... no.


J. Bowman said...

So I don't know what it is they're doing with the Parker-Logan relationship. She was only in this episode to complain about her parents and get angry about everything Logan did.

Shuttsie said...

I think they are sending them to towards a breakup, to show how "epic" the Logan/Veronica relationship is. The entire series has been put in the hurry-up machine. I thought the Dick's dad stuff was interesting, but far too rushed.