Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Haven't Thought of You Lately At All

A near-disaster almost delayed my return to Veronica Mars commentary for another week. Fortunately, I was saved by my own Luddite ways. The lesson: satellite TV is not 100% reliable, always keep an antenna on hand.
Anyway, what to say about this week's episode? I fear that this show is spreading itself too thin. It's good to have a reasonable amount of Wallace (and, to answer a question posed by Veronica earlier in the season: He's Rory). The Veronica-Piz relationship is horribly awkward, but in a good way. The Keith subplot was... not that exciting, and it felt tacked on. The Logan-Mac-Max thing also seemed an excuse to have Logan mope about Veronica (where was Parker? Did I miss something last week?), but was probably the most interesting story of the week. And the mystery of the week... was not a mystery at all. Seriously, Veronica, you didn't look at the evidence the first time?
Bring your leftover gum to the comments.


Shuttsie said...

agreed, too much going on. And Logan seems to have done a 180 with no explanation, as you point out. Glad to see Leo though, that was definitly the highlight.

leo said...

I don't watch Veronica Mars, but I did away with the satellite TV after a slight storm caused us to miss Rudolph. I'd been building it up for days. It was the last of many satellite straws.