Sunday, March 4, 2007

Thankya, thankya very much

It's time for the Recipe Of The Week. Tonight's dinner was asparagus milanese with a fried egg (I found recipes in both of my recent cookbook acquisitions), a surprisingly easy and tasty dish. But that's not the recipe you're getting tonight. Tonight, you get an old favorite, inspired by last week's suggestion that I be more family-friendly (by including peanut butter).

Velvet Elvises

8 slices sandwich bread
peanut butter (I prefer creamy here)
two ripe bananas, sliced
12 strips bacon (about 1 pound)

heat a skillet and begin frying the bacon. Meanwhile, lightly toast the bread. Spread peanut butter on each slice, then top 4 of the pieces with the sliced bananas. When the bacon is done, place three strips each on the other 4 pieces of bread, and make sandwiches. For additional flavor, fry each sandwich in the bacon grease, about 1 minute each side. Serve with Lipitor.

These were, reputedly, the King's favorite snack. One taste and you'll know why. You'll also have a fairly good idea why he's dead. But one won't kill you, right?


anne57 said...

You could call it a 'Thin Elvis' if you take out the bacon and the frying. Or the whole thing could be deep-fried and become a huge hit at state fairs, I guess then it would be a 'Fat ELvis'.

leo said...

Anne's funny. Thanks for the recipe! I'll have to try it out and see how it goes over... a scientific experiment.

J. Bowman said...

Deep-fry it and sell it at fairs, that's brilliant! See you when I'm a bajillionaire, suckers!