Thursday, March 22, 2007

Liveblogging Andy Barker!

Trivia night is cancelled for Spring Break, so I'm trying to watch Scrubs and basketball at the same time. It's not going well, particularly because Dr. Cox is really going too far. And now I've missed the end of the Kansas game.
9:35: Hey, it's that woman from the Hughes Satellite commercial! And about a dozen other commercials! She makes me want to purchase things I have no need for.
9:36: One of my earliest memories of watching sports with my dad was his pointing out Dick Vitale's (this was back when Dick was still doing in-game color commentary) ability to go from criticism to praise in a heartbeat - "Don't pull up there! No! No--nice shot!" I often find myself doing the same thing, but with the sense of irony.
9:39: What the heck is Memphis doing? You're down ONE POINT. Why take a shot from two steps behind the three-point line? And why, when you get the rebound, do you kick it out and try it again? Drive, for Pete's sake!
9:42: And now I've missed important plot points on Andy Barker. But gosh, I find his conversations with his wife so darling.
9:46: That was the most anticlimactic ending to a basketball game I've seen in a long time.
9:47: And I've gotta say, based on the way Memphis played here, Ohio State is looking very good for the Final Four.
9:51: "What is this, a hoof?"
I saw that coming, but it was still funny.
9:54: Ginny is a drooler. Who knew?
9:58: I like this show. But, just the same, bring back 30 Rock.
10:02: I'm running a 'seed pool' for this tournament. The idea is simple, just pick the team at each seeding that will advance the farthest in the tournament (e.g., Florida is my #1, Georgetown is my #2, ..., Eastern Kentucky was my #16). The reason I bring this up is that I am the only person in this pool who did not pick Texas A&M as my #3 seed (I picked Oregon). I really enjoyed crossing that off of everyone's entry but mine.
10:19: I just had to toss my first comment spam. The other is at least tangentially related to things I post here, but you're walking a fine line, kiddo.
10:22: I'm beginning to believe that there will not be a 2-point shot in the Ohio State - Tennessee game.
10:23: Well, at least not by Tennessee.
10:24: Dang.
10:39: Here's a trivia question. We all know (well, we're about to) that the lowest seed to win an NCAA championship in the expanded format is #8 (Villanova, 1985). But what is the highest seed such that no team with that seeding has won a title?
10:48: Tennesee is up 14 and Oden is in foul trouble. What was it I was saying about Ohio State and the Final Four?
10:55: The lead is 17. I can't believe I'm skipping Ninja Warrior for this.
11:07: I'm going to bed. Someone call me if anything exciting happens.


Megan said...

during commercial breaks, you should entertain yourself by checking out my other favorite blog (besides yours, of course ..)

J. Bowman said...

See, I'm letting this one go, because I do talk about cooking quite a bit, and it's a good site from that standpoint. Not that I'm against the occasional thread hijack, but let's try to keep the blatant plugs to a minimum, okay?
By the way, the answer to the trivia question: No team has won the NCAA tournament as a #5 seed.

leo said...

Wow- you're hardcore...I'm more of the "eeee..someone commented, yay!" school.

My sister and I played trivia at a bar the other night, by the way, and I was quite happy to see that we won by many thousands of points. Hanging around here was worrying me. 'Course the bar we were at was not in the intellectual capitol of the world and it was music trivia, but still we won by A LOT.

J. Bowman said...

Well done, then.
I do like when people comment, and I don't mind the occasional "check out this site" post, especially because I'm generally too lazy to search the internet for new and interesting things myself. The comment I deleted, though, was a generic "you have an interesting blog!" sentence, and a couple of paragraphs of proselytizing, accompanied by links to approximately 100 sites. It took several minutes just to scroll past it. No, thank you.