Friday, March 30, 2007

And The Winner Was Not Robin Sparkles

Okay, so TV trivia isn't until next week, which is okay, because it gives us time to come up with costumes. This was an easy week - too easy, as it turned out, because we missed three questions and were tied for second going into the final question, then didn't know that one and ended up fourth. We could have been second, but wagered three points on two of our misses. To think I could have attended my fantasy baseball draft instead.
I would like to take a moment to acknowledge our server, Meg (at, least, I think her name was Meg. That's what I called her all night, and I'd like to think she would correct me, though perhaps she was just too polite), who we had not seen before, and was just an absolute ray of sunshine all night (which is not, I must point out, out of the ordinary at this establishment, but Meg went above and beyond). It makes me sad to think that customer service will eventually erode her joy and charm.

1. What iconic rock frontman sang backing vocals on Carly Simon's "You're So Vain?"
2. What drug was originally developed to detoxify morphine addicts?
3. When was the last Miss Canada pageant held?
And the final:
4. Whose last words (just prior to his execution) were, "How's this for a headline: 'French Fries!'"


anne57 said...

I think number 2 is cocaine. My second guess would be heroin. I'm not sure that either was specifically developed to treat morphine addiction, I think they were developed and then later used for that purpose. So either the question is wrong or I'm wrong.

Numbers 3 and 4....ummm yeah, did anyone get these right?

leo said...


I thought about trying to google the Miss Canada pageant, but then I decided not to be that lame.

J. Bowman said...

1. Mick! Jagger!

2. Heroin, and yeah, it's not a great question. Heroin wasn't specifically developed to treat morphine addiction, though it was almost immediately marketed for said purpose. Then it was discovered that heroin is converted to morphine in the body. Oops. At any rate, most of the restaurant said methadone, which is used to treat heroin addiction.

3. 1991, and I don't think anyone got it.

4. James French. One team got it right, and won as a result.