Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

After denying us our right to answer random questions for nearly a month, trivia night finally returned last night. Upon arrival, we were informed that it was "90s sitcom trivia night," which was all well and good, until they started asking questions about shows that were not sitcoms. Alternatively, maybe I need to start viewing 90210 in a whole new light. TV trivia also means a fresh glut of questions about Saved By the Bell, which invariably are passed on to you, the reader.

1. Who was the youngest child on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
2. What is A.C. Slater's full name (i.e., what does "A.C." stand for)?
3. We all know what ZIP code Brandon and Brenda Walsh lived in, but what city were they Walshes originally from?
4. What is the street number of the Melrose Place apartments?
5. What town did Pete & Pete live in?
6. What score did Zack Morris get on the SAT?


Anonymous said...

Let me guess. The trivia is written by 35 year olds.

3. Minneapolis.

Other than that, squat.

-- bad dad

Leo said...

The Walshes were from Wayzata, Minnesota. They pronounced it incorrectly all the time, pronouncing it the way it looks. It is actually pronounced more like: WHY Zetta.

Leo said...

On second thought, make that pronunciation: "wy ZET ta" I'm not that great at writing things in phonetics.

bill said...

Leo is correct. The only 10 minutes of 90210 I ever saw they so badly butchered Wayzata I was forced to yell at the television.

I thought A.C. Slater was the helicopter pilot from Magnum PI. Wife laughed at me.

J. Bowman said...

1. Nicky, who was introduced in the last two seasons.
2. Albert Clifford
3. They were indeed from Wayzata, though Minneapolis was accepted.
4. 4616
5. Wellsville
6. 1502. Yes, I know that's actually possible. I really wish they'd let up on the SBtB questions.