Sunday, September 16, 2007

When Garmin Fails

This week's puzzle:
Four truckers were hauling loads to four different California cities. Along the way, each trucker was delayed by an unforeseen event. Determine the name of each trucker, his cargo, his destination, and the event that caused his delay.
Some hints to help you out:
  • The trucker headed for San Francisco was delayed by the car accident.
  • Dave's destination was not Los Angeles.
  • The town festival delayed the trucker hauling cashews.
  • Ron did not go to San Francisco.
  • Mr. Mason was not delayed by the rockslide.
  • Mr. Reinhold was delayed by a flooded bridge.
  • The trucker hauling paper was not headed for San Jose.
  • Dave, whose last name was not Reinhold, was hauling sporting goods.
  • Mike Anderson was not delayed by the car accident.
  • Paul, whose last name was not Reinhold, was traveling to San Diego.
  • Mr. Simpson was hauling oranges, but was not going to Los Angeles.


anne57 said...

This is going to read a bit like a Clue answer, which I hopefully didn't screw up:

Dave Mason with sporting goods to San Francisco delayed by a car accident.

Ron Reinhold with paper to Los Angeles delayed by a flooded bridge.

Mike Anderson with cashews to San Jose delayed by a tow festival.

Paul Simpson with oranges to San Diego delayed by a rockslide.

Anonymous said...

Same as above, except with Mike Anderson to LA and Ron Reinhold to San Jose.

--bad dad

J. Bowman said...

Last names:
Mike's last name is Anderson, obviously. Neither Paul nor Dave has the last name Reinhold, so that must be Ron. Dave and Mr. Simpson are hauling different cargos, so Dave Mason and Paul Simpson are our other two drivers.
Dave is hauling sporting goods. Paul Simpson is hauling oranges. Mr. Reinhold and the trucker hauling cashews were delayed by different things, so Mike is hauling the cashews, and Ron must be hauling paper.
Ron Reinhold was held up by the flooded bridge. Mike and his cashews were delayed by the town festival. Dave Mason was not delayed by the rockslide, so that must have been Paul, leaving Dave to be stopped by the accident.
Paul was headed for San Diego. Dave, held up by the car accident, was traveling to San Francisco. Ron and his paper were not headed for San Jose, so that was Mike's destination, and Ron was going to LA.