Friday, July 20, 2007

Where'd You Go?

Okay, so I'm behind on a lot of things:
1) The running. As you can see, that went on hiatus after three days. I really do want to start up again, but I'm doing a lot of traveling, and I generally am not in the mood to run after long drives.
2) The posting. I will put up this week's trivia, as soon as I sort through what I actually got wrong, and I'll put the final question as a separate post, as it's another puzzle. I also have a story about the gf's move to Winston-Salem, which took approximately three days longer than it should have.
3) The research. The actual reason I'm in school, instead of sitting in a cubicle somewhere. I was hoping to come up with some publishable material this summer, but it's looking less likely now. There's always fall term.
4) The lawn. Not that you need to know about that.

I'm starting the catch-up effort today. Wish me luck.

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