Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tea Leoni Doesn't Have a Record Label?

We ran into Night of the Smart People at trivia tonight. Despite my extensive surfing of IMDB this week, we could not get full credit for the "six degrees" category, and we mis-interpreted another question. The end result: Despite missing a total of five questions, and not missing a single question after halftime, our team ("Katherine Heigl's Babydaddy") finished fifth. Our misses:

1. What European automaker offered car colors called Vapor and Reflex, for Internet buyers only?
2. Which Stooge was a cousin of brothers Moe and Curly Howard?
3. What bad boy started the Bad Boy record label?
4. What government outfit did Congressman James Traficant accuse of being "bankrolled by the mob," in 2000?
Connect Emilio Estevez (yes, again) to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Two degrees for full credit.

Answers this weekend. League play starts next week, for real this time.


anne57 said...

4. It's gotta be the FBI.

M Hurley said...

JT was talking about the FBI in Northern Ohio, not the entire FBI!

You have to understand that Cleveland and Youngstown are cesspools.

J. Bowman said...

Now, see, if I'd known he was just talking about the Cleveland branch... I'd have still missed it.

1. Volkswagen
2. Larry Fine. Almost every team said Shemp, apparently thinking Larry was too obvious. Talk about out-thinking yourself.
3. Sean Combs, or any of his various Diddied incarnations. We misinterpreted "bad boy" as somehow referring to Bad Boys, and guessed Will Smith.
4. The FBI
5. SMG was in Cruel Intentions with Joshua Jackson, who was in several films (most notably, the Mighty Ducks trilogy) with Estevez.