Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nash Ramblings

I'm in the running in two NCAA pools right now, a standard bracket pool and my seed pool. The interesting thing about being in two pools is that, occasionally, I'm actually rooting against myself in one pool because it will help me in the other one. Or, more to the point, it maximizes my chances of winning both pools.
Today is the case in point. Florida is my #1 seed in the seed pool, and I have them repeating as champs in my bracket pool (beating Georgetown in the final). However, almost everyone in the seed pool has picked Florida as their #1, so if they win, I gain no ground on the pack. On the other hand, Oregon is my #3 seed, and I'm the only one with them picked, so if Oregon wins I jump up several places; in fact, the only way I can even place in the seed pool is if Oregon wins today. I'm convinced this doesn't hurt me in the brackets; my bracket is currently the best out of the people who picked Florida to win, and no one has Oregon in the Final Four, so a loss by Florida doesn't allow anyone to gain ground on me. In fact, if Oregon continues to win, after that, it can only hurt the entries that picked the likes of UCLA to win. I think if Oregon meets Georgetown in the title game, I will win both pools.
Of course, that probably won't actually happen, but it's what I'll be rooting for today. Go Ducks!

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