Thursday, March 8, 2007

I may have misspoken...

...when I declared last week's Trivia Night the Worst Ever, because this week was a dreaded Theme Week. Theme Weeks are generally bad, because the themes tend to be narrow enough that you're testing depth of knowledge about a specific subject, which is pretty much the opposite of trivia. This week's theme, though, was "Trains, Planes, Ships, and Automobiles," which could have been okay, except the questions were absurdly specific, asked for too many details, and were technical in the sense of, "yes, that's technically right, but not what we were looking for." I like hard questions, but, judging by the number of teams that up and left halfway through the game, this one was bad for everyone.
I will not further dignify this particular night by repeating the questions. Instead, I'll use questions from a week last month, which I forgot to send to my old trivia list. I won that particular week, so there aren't many.

1. What is the diameter (in inches) of a hockey puck?
2. Who was the original drummer of the Beatles?
3. Who is referred to as the "King of Country Music?"

The Halftime category was "Famous Jameses." What are the better-known names of
4. James Douglas Muir?
5. James Joseph?
6. James Marshall?

7. In the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," what is Wonka's rival brand? (there are two, and they only gave credit for one, but I misspelled that one anyway)
8. What is the emergency phone number in Australia (i.e., the Australian equivalent of 9-1-1)?


anne57 said...

number 2 is pete best.

leo said...

Apparently I suck at trivia. I always want to give a little comment support on these threads, and I've not known one yet. Sorry, dude.

Shuttsie said...

Time to post answers??? The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory one is killing me!

J. Bowman said...

Very well.
1. Three inches (which was my original answer, until I pulled out some 3x5 index cards from my bag and decided that was too small. The lesson: Cheaters Never Prosper.)
2. Pete Best (Anne, you're welcome to be on my team)
3. Roy Acuff
Famous Jameses:
4. Jay Leno
5. James Toney
6. Jimi Hendrix

7. It turns out there were three, not two: Fickelgruber, Slugworth, and Prodnose. The Triviatrix said the answer was Fickelgruber. As my answer was Snodgrass, I did not bother to learn whether the other teams got points for Slugworth (I don't think anyone had Prodnose).
8. 000 (as in, zero-zero-zero)

anne57 said...

Ahh, Slugworth, that one was driving me nuts too. Although with the answer Snodgrass, was it possible that you were confusing it with a Dicken's novel charactor?